Mrs. Cloud’s Biology I students participate in Science Chat

The first week of school is usually filled with procedural instructions and syllabus reviews, but Mrs. Emily Cloud decided to challenge her Biology I students to get to know each other in a unique way.

Science Chat is an activity designed to test students’ knowledge of science, allowing them to meet as many of their fellow classmates as possible. Students rotated through various stations, where they were asked to perform specific science-related tasks. While they waited to begin, each filled out an “All About Me” section to break the ice and get to know each other in pairs.

This activity gave me a way to see what content students remembered from previous science classes. It also allowed students the opportunity to get to know their classmates through a variety of fun discussion questions. As a teacher, it was amazing to watch them engage and think together through each activity! – Mrs. Emily Cloud

Check out photos from the lab below!