Mrs. Cloud’s freshman biology class completes Oreo lab

On Monday, August 20, Mrs. Cloud’s class conducted a fun, yet educational Oreo lab. To learn more about the scientific method, the class was examining, weighing, and interpreting data about regular and double-stuffed Oreos. The class was looking forward to learning about the scientific method with a fun twist.

The lab began with students examining the two different kinds of Oreos and seeing the difference between the two cookies. The students then weighed both of the cookies to see if double-stuffed was truly bigger. After seeing the weight of the cookies, the students took out the icing and weighed both cookies’ icing. While doing all of these steps, the students were also keeping up with their results by entering the data onto their Chromebooks.  

The lab is a fun, simple way to learn about the scientific method. – Mrs. Cloud 

All the students agreed that this lab helped them learn about this subject more, and while learning a lot, they were also having a lot of fun!

Photos from the lab can be viewed here.

Story by Anna Saucier