Mrs. Lawson’s A&P classes participate in a blood lab

On Monday, February 12, students in Mrs. Lawson’s Human Anatomy and Physiology classes participated in a blood lab. The Anatomy and Physiology classes participate in a lab each chapter. The classes are learning about blood this chapter. The purpose of this lab was to determine which blood types can be given and received by each other.

Mrs. Lawson explained how the blood lab would work. Four students represented the blood types A, B, AB, and O. Each of the four students had cups of different colored water. The students combined their colored water to see if the color changed. If the color changed, the blood types could not be received. If the color did not change, the blood types were able to be received.

The students made a chart to show the results of the lab. The results were recorded and analyzed by the students. The results showed that O is the universal donor, and AB is the universal recipient. The lab was very successful. It visually reinforced the material that the students learned in class. The students loved the lab because it showed how and why some blood can be given and some can not. The Anatomy and Physiology classes enjoy Mrs. Lawson’s labs because they are hands-on and interesting.

Photos of the lab can be viewed below.

Story by Sarah Alexander