Parents and teachers have “face-time” at Meet the Teacher night

On Wednesday, August 12, a record showing of parents had the opportunity to meet their children’s teachers at this year’s “meet the teacher night.” Mrs. McDaniel introduced everyone on the staff to begin the event. Next, parents went to different teachers’ rooms to personally meet each of their child’s teachers. In the teachers’ classrooms, the parents had the chance to ask any questions they have for the teachers. Parents were also able to look around the classrooms to get a good feel of the learning environment their children are going to be experiencing every day of the school year. For the benefit of the parents, some teachers even had handouts or PowerPoint slides containing information about how their class is organized and structured.

Pictured above, social studies teacher, Cullen Hawkins, welcomes parents into his classroom for “Meet the Teacher” night.

This event is very important for not only the parents, but also for the teachers. The event gives the teachers a chance to explain their plan for the year to the parents. “It is the one night a year when I really feel like I get to talk about what I am passionate about: teaching!” says math teacher, Susie Tavel.  For many teachers and parents, this is a first chance to speak to one another face-to-face. As Tavel puts it, “I truly enjoy the parents, and I have a little face-time where enthusiasm and concerns can be discussed in an open environment.”

This year’s “Meet the Teacher” night was definitely successful.  This could only have been accomplished with the much appreciated support and cooperation of parents as well as the admired dedication of the St. Patrick faculty and staff.

Story by: JR Riojas; Photo credit: JR Riojas