Parents of the class of 2017 attend informative financial aid night

On Wednesday of August 24, a Senior Parent Financial Aid night was held in the St. Patrick Catholic High School auditorium.  A representative from the Get2College Center in Ocean Springs presented the unique and helpful program to the seniors and their parents.  She offered helpful advice on financial aid in college, the application process, and preparing for this important and exciting next step in life.

Mrs. Wilkinson started off the program by introducing the representative from the Get2College center, and the presentation jumped right in to all the helpful college advice imaginable.  She offered tips on how to choose your home for the next few years and what to think about when making this important choice.  You should take into consideration what kind of college you want to go to whether it be a two-year college or four-year university, large or small, far away or close to home, etc.  Seniors should be starting to narrow down this exciting list of college opportunities to the choices they are really interested in by considering all of these important factors.  A helpful tip the presenter mentioned is that every student should apply to a reach school, likely school, and match school.  This creates a few different paths to be taken so the student has multiple choices but also a nice backup.

The big event of the night though was the information on college financial aid.  There were tons of tips that were dished out to help the parents and students in any way possible.  There are four different types of financial aid to consider when preparing for college.  These include outside aid which are organizations outside of the college, college aid which comes directly from the institution you plan on attending, federal aid which can be used at any college in the country, and state aid which students can only use in the state of Mississippi.  The helpful presenter advised that the best idea is to consider all options from all four sources.  There is a possibility of gathering aid from all these different sources and combining them to create a helpful and affordable package for the family and student.

The Get2College Center is located in Ocean Springs and has multitudes of tips and resources for soon to be college students and their families.  There will also be multiple college exploration opportunities throughout the year at St. Patrick including a college fair and FAFSA day where Get2College helps with financial aid forms.  Take advantage of all of these opportunities, and good luck seniors and families with this exciting new college adventure!

Story by Skye Ward