Pottery Throwing the New Trend Among Students

“It encourages you to find the beauty in everything,” senior Caston Mestayer says. “You are literally taking a ball of wet dirt and turning it into something beautiful.”

It’s the newest class to be offered at St. Patrick, which allows students to express themselves through clay. Yes, we are talking about Ceramics. This is the first year St. Patrick has offered a full ceramics course. Previously, Art I and Art II students would do ceramics periodically in class, along with painting and drawing. Now, the class focuses solely on clay.

“So far this year it is going well,” Art teacher Jean Benoit says. “The kids really seem to enjoy it, even though it can be a bit messy.”

There are currently 42 students enrolled in Mrs. Benoit’s Ceramics class. Students are able to do a multitude of ceramic projects including sculptures, carved relief tiles, pottery bowls, etc. 

“I look forward to seeing the students advance in the course and personalizing their pieces,” Benoit continued. “The uniqueness of how their pieces turn out is incredible.”

Senior, Caston Mestayer is a second year art student. He took art during the 2020-21 school year after the general music class filled up. He says he enjoys being able to experience different mediums and pushes himself each day to create something unique. 

“It really gives me a sense of accomplishment,” Mestayer says. “I enjoy that I can actually use the things I make, such as a bowl or cup. It is one of the most fun classes I have ever taken.” 

This year the art department received a major upgrade, adding three new pottery wheels. The room now holds 10 pottery wheels, two kilns and a slab roller. Students typically are allowed on the pottery wheels every two to three weeks. This allows all students an opportunity to finish what they have started.

Ceramics is offered to students in grades 9-12.