PTO Holds Luncheon To Show Appreciation For Teachers

The parents of the Saint Patrick Parent Teacher Organization have the opportunity to work closely with our faculty and, to show their appreciation, decided to hold a Thanksgiving-themed luncheon to thank these teachers. On Tuesday, November 14, parents brought a diverse selection of foods to the conference room to celebrate our staff. Some of the foods included turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, salad and fried chicken. The goal of this luncheon was for the parents in the school’s PTO to let the teachers know how much they are appreciated. “These teachers do a lot for our children and this is our way of thanking them,” said parent Amy Olsen. “We hope to make these luncheons a regular thing because they deserve it.”

The teachers definitely felt appreciated as they walked in to get their lunches. Many of their faces immediately lit up as they saw the endless plates of food in front of them. Some couldn’t help but gasp at the intricacy of the luncheon presented to them. We would like to thank our wonderful St. Patrick parents for taking time out of their busy lives to organize such an elaborate luncheon. We also would like to thank our teachers, for whom this luncheon was for. Without our teachers, our school would not nearly be as wonderful of an environment as it is. Here at St. Patrick, we are truly blessed with, as our principal Mr. Buckley has stated, “the greatest faculty in the world,” and we cannot do enough to thank them for all that they give to our students.

Written By: Elizabeth Van Horn