Publicity class creates “We Are St. Patrick” commercial

The school’s Publicity class spent the last few weeks creating a commercial that effectively embodied the student life here at our school. To ensure that the process ran as smoothly as possible, we held regular meetings and created an outline, a script, and a cast list as well as updated everyone on our progress. Each class member was assigned a role as if we were employees in the marketing field. Each student filmed, edited, managed, photographed, or brainstormed to ensure that the commercial was perfect. Our teacher Mrs. Williams and the school’s Director of Public Relations and Advancement, Mrs. Rosetti, provided us with camera equipment as well as access to some of the buildings for filming purposes.

After countless hours of walking around the school with a camera and a tripod, staying up late to edit the footage, and facing the real-life obstacles of creating an advertisement, we have finally finished our commercial. We believe that the final product accurately reflects both our class’ creativity and work ethic as well as the unique environment that we have here at St. Patrick. You can find our commercial below.

View video here.

If you are a student who has any interest in journalism, videography, photography, or marketing, we highly recommend that you look into adding Publicity to your schedule next year! The class opens up many resume-building doors and allows you to experience a more hands-on class setting. It also enables you to view your school from a whole new and more positive perspective.

Thank you once again to everyone who helped make this video possible! We hope that (if you are a student reading this) you consider taking Publicity next year!

Written by: Elizabeth Van Horn