Red Ribbon Week

This past week at school was Red Ribbon Week.  The Students Against Violence Everywhere club or more commonly known as SAVE club helped put on activities throughout the week.

Red Ribbon Week is a nationwide week that promotes drug awareness and living a drug free life.  Each day during the morning announcements the SAVE club had facts about what drugs can do to you, to promote drug prevention.

On Monday morning, members of the SAVE club put together Dum Dums with a message about being drug free taped to each one.   Then the Dum Dums were handed out to each student during first period.  There were also red ribbons tied in bows on the trees in the courtyards, to help promote Red Ribbon Week.

Wednesday had the theme of “Kick Out Drugs”.  Students were encouraged to wear fun and funky socks in order to protest drug use.

On Thursday, SAVE club held a bake sale during lunch.  All the baked goods were red colored; this promoted Red Ribbon Week.  The color scheme was hoped to further promote the benefits of living a drug free life.

Friday was Pledge Day.  At lunch, students had the chance to make a pledge to live a fun, happy, and drug free life.


Story by Cara Pisciotta