Religious studies classes complete Exodus newspaper projects

In Mrs. Cloud’s ninth grade religious studies classes, the students are currently learning about the story of Exodus.  The word, “exodus” is derived from a Greek word meaning “going out,” which describes the life of Moses.  Exodus is a book of redemption in which God delivers His people out of the state of slavery and brings them into a special relationship with Himself.

Throughout the week, Mrs. Cloud’s classes drew and colored poster board “newspapers.”  The students created a tabloid newspaper describing the major events of the story of Exodus.  In creating their newspaper posters, the ninth graders made their tabloid come to life like a real newspaper containing articles and sections.  Students included articles such as an obituary, a notice of a death, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person, a “Dear Moses” column, a “Letter to the Editor” section, a “Quail Recipe,” a cartoon section, and any other creative idea that would make a newspaper story stand out.

This project is such a creative idea to help the ninth graders understand more about the Bible and Old Testament in their religious studies class.  Mrs. Cloud’s ninth graders get to share their Exodus newspaper posters with the school as they are on display in the cafeteria for everyone to see!  Great work to all the ninth graders and Mrs. Cloud!

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Story by Lindsay Holmes