Robotics Club adopts pet fish to learn communication skills and responsibility

On Saturday, October 13, the St. Patrick Robotics Team Tempest worked the Nativity Halloween Carnival. While working the carnival, the team members won goldfish at the prize booth and decided to make it them their  club pets. Each of the five fish were given names based off of the periodic table of elements, including: Aurum, Plumbum, Argentum, Natrium, and Neon.

Robotics Club President Mary Catherine Kalil stated,“It was super exciting when we won the goldfish at the Nativity Carnival. Our club members and sponsor, Mrs. Worrel, decided to bring the goldfish to her classroom and make them our club pet. Each day we take turns feeding them. This teaches us not only communication skills, but also responsibility by taking care of the fish.”

As Senior Amelie Million put it, “Fish are friends, not food. These goldfish have allowed us to work better as a team and have helped us learn important teamwork skills.”

Story by Teal Salloum