Robotics Team Tempest Sponsor Debbie Worrel receives FIRST LEGO League Volunteer of the Year Award

Congratulations to Mrs. Debbie Worrel for receiving the FIRST LEGO League Volunteer of the Year Award for the State of Mississippi! Mrs. Worrel has been involved with robotics for 14 years and works tirelessly to assist both St. Patrick students and students at our partner elementary schools.

Team Tempest President Mary Catherine Kalil nominated Mrs. Worrel for the award, in which she penned, “Mrs. Worrel coordinates and hosts not only one but two LEGO tournaments simultaneously at St. Patrick Catholic High School each year: The Lighthouse and The Schooner. She works extremely hard to make these events possible for our LEGO Teams. Seeing her passion towards events such as these sparks inspiration to everyone around her. Mrs. Worrel fuels our coast LEGO teams in many ways. She ensures that each elementary school has an adult mentor as well as a Team Tempest mentor. Throughout her 14 years, she has developed six FLL teams and two Jr. FLL teams along the coast. She acts as the eye of our storm, staying calm even when things get rough. Mrs. Worrel exhibits the true meaning of compassion to each team, in a way, acting as a grandmother to all.”

She continues, “To see the joy in her eyes, working with the future of FIRST, is a true inspiration. Serving her ‘Little Storms’ is a top priority on her busy schedule. Never does she complain or ‘put it on the back burner.’ She begins each of her days at 6 a.m. at school working, often not getting home until 6 p.m., once robotics is finished. Dedicating her Saturdays to robotics ranging from FLL to FRC, she is a true inspiration to many. A role model is defined as someone looked to by others as an example to be imitated. They are people who inspire others to do good. Mrs. Worrel is the true definition of a role model. She inspires students to strive to the best of their ability. Whether working on a robotics project or just at school, she always has the best advice. She is someone that anyone can go to with any type of problem and always come out of the conversation feeling refreshed and at peace.”

We congratulate Mrs. Worrel and thank her for her years of service and dedication to the many students of SPCHS and beyond!