Sailing Team

This weekend your fighting Irish sailing team competed in the Gulf Coast Sailing State Championship. After a long competition all day Saturday and Sunday the team brought home third place overall. Gabbi Miller said “I love sailing because of the people on my team, we support one another no matter what. We came out this weekend worked hard, did what we knew, and won!” The skippers were Mallory Edwards, James Edwards, Claire Wingfield and Teal Salloum. Mary Ellen Edwards, Chloe Aschenbach, Nicole Summersell, Gabrielle Miller, Emily Miller and Robbie Clisby crewed for them. They won six out of 24 races winning top three out of the majority of them with the newest team.  “The competition was tough but despite our young team we were never lost in the back.  Always in the front fighting it out. And I’m super proud of our whole team.” – Mallory Edwards. We are so excited to see what great things the sailing team can accomplish in the future.

Story By: Anna D’Aquilla