Saint Patrick celebrates All Saints Day

On Thursday, November 1, St. Patrick students and staff celebrated All Saints Day. This is a Holy Day of Obligation for the Catholic Church, and it celebrates all canonized saints within our Church.

Parents and guests were invited to join students, faculty, and staff for mass on this special day. St. Patrick Chaplain Father Ryan McCoy was the celebrant for this week’s mass and gave a very informing homily for the congregation. He talked about the Church’s process to appointing saints and especially focused on the life of Saint Oscar Romero.

Saint Oscar Romero was a martyr of the faith and had a huge impact on many people’s lives. Father Ryan also mentioned how God is calling all of us to be saints everyday. The homily was very interesting and taught the students a lot about sainthood.

Senior Sarah Gatlin said, “During mass, Father Ryan explained the process of becoming a saint and how everyone in Heaven is a saint. It was really good to hear that because even though everyone has flaws, they can still become saints. God is always calling us to become saints, and that is a great lesson to take away from the homily.”

Overall, this year’s All Saints Day mass was very special and taught people the importance of saints in our lives.

Photos from the Mass can be found here.

Story by Jamie Stanovich