Saint Patrick gathers for the annual Lenten skit

This Thursday of Holy Week, the Saint Patrick Campus Ministry team held a Lenten skit for the whole school. Students, faculty, and staff gathered in the gym excited to see what the team had in store for them. The skit portrayed the Passion of Jesus Christ with modern-day human sin.

Mr. Creel led the school in prayer and introduced the theme of the skit. Campus Ministry focused on many present-day issues that people face on a daily basis. It took people’s struggles and sins and put them into perspective of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. It showed everyone how much love God has for this world. After the skit was over, Mr. Creel set up for adoration. The gym was filled with worship music as everyone reflected on the theme of the skit. Anna D’Aquilla said, “It was really exciting to see the impact that the skit had on students and teachers. Having people tell me it made an impact on their faith life was my favorite part of the whole thing.” Overall, the skit this year helped students understand how important this Lenten season is and how much big of a sacrifice Jesus made for everyone.

Story by Jamie Stanovich