School Picture Day

On Thursday, August 24, the St. Patrick Catholic High School students and faculty had their pictures taken for the 2017-2018 yearbook.  Many 7th graders were excited to take their first school picture at St. Patrick while many seniors had mixed emotions. Some seniors were glad they only had one school photo left, senior portraits, while others were sad realizing the last picture also meant that their journey at St. Patrick is coming to an end.  Even though a lot of seniors are just thinking about the photo in the moment, most do not realize that everyone will be looking at these photos in the future.  People will be commenting about them during the many class reunions in the future.  Many will remember these photos while looking back in their school yearbooks, especially the one in their senior year.  They will have a good laugh recalling the friendships that were made, the activities they shared, and what they looked like during their senior year of high school.  Not only will these photos jog their memories about what they looked like but will also help them relive the amazing time they had at St. Patrick.  These photos will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Story by Natallie Noel