Science Honor Society hosts fall Blood Drive

The Science Honor Society partnered with The Red Cross to host a blood drive in the St. Patrick Catholic High School Cafeteria last Sunday. The Honor Society hosts a blood drive twice a school year and it is always a huge success. Mrs. Worrel and Mrs. Lawson are the sponsors  of Science Honor Society and both spend a lot of time trying to make the blood drives more of a success than the last.

In order to donate, you had to make an appointment through the Science Honor Society. Once you come to the blood drive, you wait your turn and then talk to a Red Cross representative about your information, and then you get in a chair and start the process of actually donating your blood. The Red Cross recommends to eat iron-rich foods such as red meat, fish, poultry, beans, etc, and to also be well rested and hydrated before you donate.  

After you donate, be sure to have a snack and drink liquids. The American Red Cross provided St. Patrick’s Blood Drive with trained staff, planning help, equipment and supplies, and recruitment tools. St. Patrick’s very own Science Honor Society provides the location, helpers, food and drink, and more.  

“I love donating at all of the school blood drives because it really makes me feel like I’m helping people.” – SPCHS Senior and Science Honor Society Member Payton Dedeaux

Photos of the event can be viewed here.

Story by Gracie Davenport