Science Honor Society plans fall blood drive

On Thursday, October 11, an important Science Honor Society meeting was held! There were many things discussed for this upcoming year, with the most prominent being the November blood drive.  Members discussed all the details of the blood drive, including committees, themes, and donors for the blood drive NSHS sponsors every year.

Amelie Million, a senior and the president of NSHS, said, “I’m very excited for the upcoming year in Science Honor Society. At our most recent meeting, we continued planning the upcoming blood drive by voting on the theme and by signing up for committees. We’re hoping to get as many blood donors as possible to come out in November, as there is a severe shortage at the moment.”

NSHS has partnered with the American Red Cross every year since it started to help get more blood donated for this area of Mississippi, and every year the Society gets more donors. They hold two annual blood drives, one in November and one in April, each with a different theme.

There will be a blood drive held on November 4 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The drive is held in the St. Patrick Cafeteria, and to help out, parents and students donate food, drinks, decorations, and entertainment for the donors. There are always more donations of blood needed, so please come out to the next blood drive and donate!

Images of the meeting can be viewed here.

Story by Teal Salloum