Engineering students build underwater robots in SeaPerch program

Last week, Mrs. Worrel’s Biomedical Engineering class began their unit on SeaPerch.  SeaPerch is a program sponsored by The Office of Naval Research in which students build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV).  Students build the entire robot themselves.  They build a frame, assemble the motors, and design the ROV themselves.  At the end of the process, students drive the ROV and attempt to complete an underwater obstacle course.  Students also get the chance to compete against each other in a challenge that requires each team to be able to drive and maneuver their robot well enough to score more points than the opposing team.  Austin Dossett, a senior in the Biomedical Engineering class stated, “SeaPerch is a great program and I have enjoyed doing it for the past two years.”  It will be exciting to see the students test their robots in a few weeks!

Story by Natallie Noel