Senior Class Attends Final Retreat in New Orleans

On Wednesday, December 13, the St. Patrick Class of 2018 took a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, for their senior retreat. The day was packed with a plethora of fun-filled activities for the students, including a steamboat ride with a delicious lunch, a visit to a shrine dedicated to Saint Jude, and a set of spiritual exercises led by Bragg Moore.

It was an emotional last retreat for the majority of the seniors, especially towards the end of the retreat. Tears were shed by many of the students as they opened and read emotional “senior letters” from family, friends, teachers, and fellow classmates. To further the emotional tone, students were also given a chance to give out papers to fellow classmates that featured phrases such as “I cherish our friendship,” “I’m sorry I hurt you,” and “I love you.” This exercise facilitated an even greater amount of tears and hugs as it quickly hit the seniors that this is the last year that they’ll be together as a class.

The students enjoyed the retreat and surely showed that it had brought them closer as many exited the building arm-in-arm with one another. For the senior class, the bus ride home was a bittersweet one as their final retreat came to a close. Despite the tears, many of the students couldn’t help but express the joy they felt from attending it. “Overall, it was a time away from the stress of school to take some time and appreciate those with whom we’ve spent so much time,” explained senior Matthew Bisner. “Like taking time to smell the roses, it’s important to take the time and thank God for the people He has put in our lives.”

We ask all of you to continue to pray for the Class of 2018 as they continue to discern their futures and wait for God’s call.

Written by: Elizabeth Van Horn