Seniors Enjoy September Luncheon

On Friday, the senior class celebrated their first Senior Luncheon. The class was treated to Hawaiian-inspired dishes, including Hawaiian fried rice, pulled pork with Hawaiian rolls, ham and pineapple pizza, Hawaiian BBQ chicken, and pineapple-marinated meatballs.

Senior class President Chloe Rizk helped plan the Luau-themed event. “It was so much fun to eat a special lunch with my classmates. This privilege helps to unite the class and engage students with one another. Senior parents really are some of the best parents,” said Rizk. Chloe met earlier in the year with Principal Matt Buckley to determine the senior class’s privileges for the year. They decided on the following:  senior luncheons, senior parking, exam exemptions, entrance through the north door in the mornings, senior shirts on Mondays, early lunch dismissal, outdoor lunch privileges, and the ability to remain in cars in the mornings.

The seniors weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the luncheon. “I think the luncheon went great!” said Tania Rizk, Chloe’s mother. Mrs. Rizk helped to coordinate the event. “It was a joy to plan and to be able to see the smiles on the seniors’ faces. We all love them so much and hope they really enjoyed it. We’re excited for the next one!”

Although they may be parting ways in May, the 2017/18 school year is off to a very joyful start for the senior class. “It’s so nice to get to experience special things like this with my class,” said senior Jacob Fennell. “I’m really trying to make lasting memories with my classmates this year.” With their first luncheon a success, the St. Patrick Class of 2018 is doing just that.

Story by Richard Springer