Seventh and eighth grade students receive guidance for success in newly implemented advisement course

Advisement is a course for seventh and eighth grade students at St. Patrick Catholic High School that provides the opportunities and guidance for success in both academics and athletics.

The course is designed with four specific objectives, including:

  1. To provide general foundational skills in organization and planning to develop healthy, positive and productive habits.
  2. To provide opportunities to collaborate with peers regarding instruction and assessments to add meaning and understanding to course objectives.
  3. To allow time to complete homework with adult assistance, providing both guidance and support to ensure students have time to pursue after school endeavors.
  4. To support athletes who are in season that are performing well academically in that they will be able to report to their athletic practice early to have extra time to prepare and develop their athletic skills.

Mrs. Lawson teaches one of the advisement classes, and her students recently played the Career Match Game as well as an Axon/Dendrite Brain Game as part of the Grow Your Intelligence Unit.

Photos from the games can be found below!