Seventh grade students attend annual class spiritual retreat

Last week, seventh grade students attended their first annual spiritual retreat. The retreat was led by this year’s Campus Ministry Team and was based around this year’s theme of “Thrive.”

The day was broken up into three sessions: planting, growing, and spreading. The first session focused on the importance of planting a strong foundation for your faith to grow from. The second session stressed how necessary it is to grow in your faith and surround yourself with good friends. The last session challenged the seventh graders to be an inspiration to others and to do good in the world by spreading their faith.

Throughout the day, the students watched videos, listened to personal testimonies, and participated in activities which focused on personal growth. The retreat ended with adoration and reflection on the theme of “thriving.”

Campus Ministry member, Maddie Moak, said, “The Campus Ministry retreat with the seventh graders was even better than we could have imagined! The Campus Ministers really connected well with the students and relationships formed that will be sure to last through the school year. We are all so excited to help these students continue to grow in their faith and for their love of Jesus! It could not have been a more perfect day.”

Overall the seventh grade retreat was a huge success and it helped the students grow in their spiritual life. The Campus Ministry Team will lead spiritual retreats for each class at St. Patrick Catholic High School throughout the school year.

Images of the retreat can be viewed here.

Story by Jamie Stanovich