Seventh graders present projects at Invention Fair

This Tuesday, seventh grade students at St. Patrick participated in the annual Invention Fair.   The fair requires students to create an invention and present it to a panel of judges.  Students are also required to create a poster board explaining their experiment and a physical representation of the invention. The process of creating their invention begins with a hypothesis or need for the invention. The students then perform an experiment using their invention, and they draw conclusions about its effectiveness. On the day of the invention fair, they present their projects to the judges.

The inventions are all original ideas of the students, which they believe will benefit people. One of the inventions, presented Tuesday, was designed by Gia Alley. Her invention was called “The Great Germ-X Saver”. The idea of this invention was to prevent waste of Germ-X hand sanitizer and prevent it from falling on the floor. Another neat invention was called the “Apple Note”, a note pad on the back of a phone case. The purpose of this invention was to remind people when they have things to do or if they need to make a quick note.

Overall, the seventh-grade Invention Fair was a huge success. On Wednesday, eighth graders will be judged on their inventions. Thanks to all the judges and everyone who made this event possible.

Story by Jamie Stanovich