Shrek the Musical Cast Announced

Congratulations to the cast of the spring production, Shrek the Musical. The spring production is set for April 29 and 30, and May 1, 6, 7, & 8.

Shrek – Thomas Owen
Fiona – Anna Grace Young
Donkey – Scarlet Nation
Farquaad – Matthew Miller (also King Harold, Dragon Knight)

Other Characters (alphabetical by cast member)
Ella Balius – Ugly Duckling, Guard, Ensemble
Maggie Buckley – Fairy Godmother, Rat Chorus, Dulocian
Seamus Buckley – Mad Hatter, Pied Piper, Ensemble
Sofia Carreon – Little Pig (Bricks), Blind Mouse, Dragon Knight
Annalise D’Angelo – Pinocchio, Teen Fiona
Lulu Davis – Angry Mob, Guard, Ensemble
Luke Denoux – Big Bad Wolf, Guard Captain, Angry Mob
Janelle Fiamordzi – Angry Mob, Guard, Ensemble
Nevaeh Gilman – Rat Chorus, Angry Mob, Guard
Dannica Gilmore – Little Pig (Sticks), Rat Chorus, Dulocian
Davren Harrison – Rat Chorus, Dulocian, Ensemble
Megan Marie – Gingy / Sugarplum Fairy, Bluebird, Queen Lillian, Rat Chorus, Dulocian
Sam Mandal – Angry Mob, Guard, Ensemble
Ella Mays – Little Pig (Straw), Guard, Ensemble
Devin Murphy – Papa Ogre, Thelonius, Bishop
Gabe Pellegrin – Angry Mob, Guard
Lucy Plott – Dragon, Mama Ogre, Blind Mouse
Rye Plott – Little Ogre, Dwarf
Audrey Powers – Angry Mob, Guard, Ensemble
Sabree Puzz – Mama Bear, Duloc Greeter, Dragon Knight
Lili Pyron – Young Fiona, Puppeteer, Rat Chorus
Juju Robertson – Elf
Carolina Stadthagen – Baby Bear, Dulocian, Ensemble
Bella Stevenson – Angry Mob, Guard, Ensemble
Baileigh Joy Tarrant – White Rabbit, Angry Mob, Ensemble
MacKenzie Valentine – Wicked Witch, Dulocian, Angry Mob
Sarah Vyverburg – Peter Pan, Blind Mouse, Dragon Knight
Ella Welch – Rat Chorus, Dulocian, Ensemble
Josie Wentworth – Angry Mob, Guard, Ensemble

Stag Manager- Sophia Culver

Props/ Puppet Master- Esmeralda Stadthagen

Tech Booth Manager- Joelle Smith

Music/ SFX- Keira Galbraith

Sound- Conner Smith