Sophomore Class attends annual spiritual retreat

On Wednesday, February 20, the sophomore class attended its annual spiritual retreat. The retreat was held at the Sacred Heart Center and was hosted by the Campus Ministry Team. The day focused on students overcoming doubt, strengthening their faith life, and putting their faith into action.

Throughout the day, sophomores listened to many testimonies and participated in activities to help them develop their faith and grow closer together as a class. The Campus Ministry team also planned a service project at the end of the day. The project was to donate bagged lunches to Back Bay Mission, where they will then distribute to people in need.

Campus Minister Sarah Gatlin said, “The sophomore retreat has been my favorite one this year so far. The campus ministers put a lot of time and effort into the retreat, with the hope of trying to bring the class closer and help them grow in their spiritual life. I hope that they got a lot out of the retreat and I hope they continue to practice their faith.”

The retreat ended with adoration at Nativity Cathedral in Biloxi. Overall, this retreat was a huge success, and the sophomore class was able to grow in their spiritual life tremendously.

Photos of the retreat can be viewed here.

Story by Jamie Stanovich