Spanish clubs work in the community, raise money for St. Jude

The committee for St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital would like to extend a heart- felt “muchas gracias” to the Spanish Honor Society & Spanish Club. This past weekend, they gathered for community service at the City of Biloxi’s “Grillin on the Green” where they were responsible for managing the children’s play area. For their efforts, they received $500. The students & Coach Camps voted to donate all the money they earned to St. Jude’s. This action exhibits a true sense of service and sacrifice, something that we should all strive for in our lives.

Spanish Honor Society club member, Sofia Cooper, poignantly put the day in perspective. “I was very happy to be a part of this community project. As I watched the children laugh and run and play, I couldn’t help but think about where our money was going- to children who cannot laugh and run and play right now. But maybe, in some small way, we helped make a difference.”

Caption for photo:

(L-R) Nora Nimmo, Rachel Ryan, Jenna Starks, and Courtney Ladner work the children’s play area at Biloxi’s “Grillin’ on the Green”

Photo by Sofia Cooper