Spanish Honor Society works at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival

On  Saturday, March 17th, the Spanish Honor Society worked the bouncy house booth, at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, on the Biloxi Town Green.

Spanish Honor Society students, worked the booth’s table, handing out bracelets, that were good all day for five dollars. Some students, sat in the bouncy houses, to help monitor the children, who were playing on them.

The festival and the bouncy house booth were both well attended, despite the weather.  The Spanish Honor Society students, worked hard to make sure, everything was running smoothly and that everyone was happy.

There were three different bouncy houses: a slide, an obstacle course, and a regular bouncy house; this allowed for children, of all ages to enjoy themselves on the bouncy houses.  The St. Patrick students made sure that no one was hurt, and that everything was going correctly.

This is one of the many service events that the Spanish Honor Society does each year.  This one is one of the biggest because it allows students to hang out with classmates, and enjoy what is usually a sunny day in March; in honor of the school’s patron saint.

Story by Cara Pisciotta