Spanish III class enjoys lunch at Moe’s

Once a month, the Spanish III class goes out to eat lunch at Moe’s with Spanish Teacher Mr. Camps. The students eat lunch and visit in Spanish by utilizing the speaking skills they have learned in class. The purpose of this lunch is to learn more about the Spanish culture as well as  its cuisine. Students are able to communicate with each other in Spanish and have long conversations with others.

The students in the Spanish III class are learning about Spanish culture and the different traditions in Mexico. In the Spanish III class, it is a great opportunity to be able to expand your knowledge of Spanish that was learned in Spanish I and Spanish II. In Spanish III, everyone speaks the language for the entire class period. This helps the students learn how to speak the language using everyday words.  

“It is always fun to learn about the Spanish culture and how interesting it is. Coach Camps teaches us something new every day, and learning this language is always an adventure!” –  Spanish III student Samantha Alvarez

Photos of the lunch can be viewed below. 

Story by Sarah Alexander