SPCHS Alumni Spotlight: Jeanne Torp

Jeanne Torp, a 2017 St. Patrick Catholic High School graduate, provided a recent alumni update. She is attending the University of Mississippi and has joined the Daily Mississippian as a reporter and photographer. Daily Mississippian was established in 1911 and is the official newspaper for the University. Her first story for the Daily Mississippian was featured on the front page, an accomplishment she attributes to the Publicity Class at St. Patrick.

Torp said, “My experiences in Mr. Buckley’s Publicity Class at SPCHS really helped to prepare me to take on this assignment. It helped me to know what to look for while attending the event in order to make my story flow when I wrote it. It [the class] also helped in the actual writing process – I knew how to format and structure my article and was able to easily come up with the story on a very strict time frame.”

Thanks for sharing this update and congratulations, Jeanne!

SPCHS Class of 2017 Alumni Jeanne Torp