SPCHS juniors Ben Hartery and Teal Salloum announced as members of City of Gulfport Mayor’s Youth Council

Congratulations to Ben Hartery and Teal Salloum for being named members of the City of Gulfport Mayor’s Youth Council!

The mission of the Council is “to give Gulfport youth the opportunity to provide input and insight on community issues, learn about municipal government and network with youth councils across the state.”

The Mayor’s Youth Council was “created to ensure that the youth of Gulfport are engaged, educated and connected to the community.” 

The Council provides an outlet for young leaders to discuss and take action to address issues that are important to Gulfport’s youth. Members of the Mayor’s Youth Council have numerous opportunities to develop their personal leadership skills through community service by acting as a catalyst for youth engagement in community matters, through advocacy and education efforts and by representing their peers in the development and adoption of public policy.

On being named a member, Teal Salloum said, “I am honored to have been selected for the 2018-19 Gulfport Mayor’s Youth Council. I am looking forward to meeting new people from my area as well as strengthen my skills in leadership, communication, and service. I am grateful for this opportunity and am excited to see what the Mayor’s Youth Council has in store.”