SPCHS National Honor Society and Senior Natallie Noel honored at City of Biloxi 35th Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards

At the City of Biloxi 35th Annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony on Tuesday, April 24, the St. Patrick Catholic High School National Honor Society [NHS] and St. Patrick Senior Natallie Noel received awards for the Youth Volunteer Group of the year and Youth Volunteer of the year, respectively! Jamie Stanovich and Richard Springer were also nominated for Youth Volunteer of the year.

Within the application for the Youth Volunteer Group Award, St. Patrick NHS Sponsor Liz Wilkinson said, “Overall, the SPCHS NHS lives the corporal and spiritual works of mercy by feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, and comforting others.  The goal of the group is to live the four pillars: integrity, service, character, and scholarship.” 

The St. Patrick High School National Honor Society is an active service club.  The club has 135 members who were selected based on integrity, service, character, and scholarship. The members are in grades, 10, 11, and 12. The club has completed many service projects.

Every fall the group makes at least 100 bags for the homeless. The items are given to Our Lady of Fatima’s St. Vincent de Paul. For Christmas the group makes gift bags for the elderly who live in Heaven’s Harbor Private Care Home, the retired Sisters of Mercy, who live in Mobile, and the retired Diocesan priests who live in Biloxi. In the spring, the group collects clothes and other items to donate to the Humane Society to sell in the thrift shop. The group has several food drives throughout the year, providing canned goods to a different church’s St. Vincent de Paul each time, and if anyone knows of a family in need, they make that family a basket of food.

Ms. Wilkinson also nominated Natallie Noel for the Youth Volunteer Award, in which she penned, “Natallie is a natural leader. She has served on the student council, where she participated in several leadership conferences both at local and state levels. She has attended student council conferences in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Portland, Oregon. These conferences helped strengthen her already excellent team building and leadership skills. Natallie is not only a leader through her actions and behavior but also a spiritual leader. She has been an altar server at her church since she was in elementary school. The fact that a high school student will still serve in front of his or her peers displays his or her faith and spiritual leadership. Overall, Natallie is a well-rounded young lady who is well-respected. She is involved in church, school, and community activities. She is an intelligent young lady who realizes the importance of education and realizes she needs to make the world a better place. She certainly has the leadership skills and the determination.”

On winning the award, Natallie said, “I didn’t expect to be nominated, so winning this award was a very big surprise. I don’t think of the things I do for others as volunteering. I love to be active and involved in things that make a difference to others. I know that I can do things that I love for the benefit of others.  “One gives freely, yet grows all the richer”- Proverbs. I will continue my volunteering in college while pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. I enjoy helping children and watch them learn new ideas and concepts.”

Congratulations to all for the well-deserved recognition!