St. Patrick Catholic High School students receive 45 awards at Region VI Science & Engineering Fair

St. Patrick Catholic High School students competed at the Region VI Science & Engineering Fair on Wednesday, February 28, at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center. In total, the group of students received 45 awards. Senior Shannon Kirkpatrick was awarded first place in Medicine & Health Class 5, securing an all-expenses-paid trip to the International Science & Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Penn., held Sunday, May 13 through Friday, May 18. Only two students were selected to attend the International Science & Engineering Fair. All first, second and third place award winners will advance to Mississippi Science & Engineering Fair on April 5 in Jackson. 

On the incredible amount of awards earned by the students, SPCHS Teacher Teresa Moon said, “The Science & Engineering Fair is an opportunity for our students to show their innovative side as they use the Scientific Method to solve a problem either they or someone they love has. These students are so creative and are not afraid to think outside of the box to accomplish their goal. Several students have even applied for patents, and there are no limits to our students.”

St. Patrick Science Department Chair Debbie Worrel said, “The school was complimented on the level of academic and research work done by all the students in their projects.”

The full list of awards can be found below.

Category Awards:

  • Class 3 (7th and 8th Grade)
    • Medicine & Health: 2nd Place Mary Elizabeth Lange
    • Engineering: 1st Place Olivia Owens
    • Engineering: 4th Place John Michael Moran
  • Class 5 (11 and 12th Grades)
    • Behavioral & Social Sciences: 1st Place Connor Hartery
    • Behavioral & Social Sciences: 2nd Place Beau Broussard
    • Biochemistry: 1st Place Amelie Million
    • Earth & Environmental Science: 2nd Place Braden Barton
    • Earth & Environmental Science: 4th Place Makayla Marchioni
    • Earth & Environmental Science: 5th Place Makayla Pfarrer
    • Medicine & Health: 1st Place Shannon Kirkpatrick
    • Medicine & Health: 2nd Place Melanie Nguyen
    • Medicine & Health: 3rd Place Anna D’Aquilla
    • Animal Sciences: 1st Place Natallie Noel
    • Animal Sciences: 2nd Place Kendall Pitre
    • Computers & Math: 1st Place Spencer Wingfield
    • Computers & Math: 2nd Place Tyler Fulmer
    • Computers & Math: 3rd Place Jacob Salminen
    • Computers & Math: 4th Place Andrea Huguenin
    • Botany: 1st Place Raven Gonsoulin
    • Botany: 2nd Place Elizabeth Van Horn
    • Botany: 3rd Place Ian Jackson
  • Teams Category (Grades 7 – 12)
    • Behavioral & Social: 1st Place Lauren Skinner & Matthew Bisner
    • Behavioral & Science: 2nd Place Max Grill & Stephen Azar
    • Behavioral & Science: 4th Place Chloe Rizk & Richard Springer
    • Microbiology: 3rd Place Tyler Jackson, Sami Turunen, Logan Ward
    • Biochemistry: 5th Place Nikki Guild & Julia Hanson
    • Medicine & Health: 5th Place Lillie Guida & Mary Beth Tubb
  • Special Awards:
    • Shannon Kirkpatrick Selected for International Science & Engineering Fair
    • Makayla Marchioni:
      • Office of Naval Research Award (Naval Science Award given by the US Navy and Marine Corps)
      • American Meteorological Society Award
    • Raven Gonsoulin:
      • Justice Manning Award
      • Environmental Excellence
      • Excellence Genius Olympiad
      • Includes advancement to compete in Oswego, New York for the National Genius Olympiad
    • Kendall Pitre:
      • American Meteorological Society Award
      • Outstanding Achievement for Ability and Creativity in an Atmospheric Research Award
    • Lauren Skinner & Matthew Bisner:
      • American Psychological Association Award
      • Achievement in Research in the Psychological Sciences
    • Andrea Huguenin: Intel Computer Science Award
      • Excellence in Computer Science
    • Braden Barton:
      • US Stockholm Water Prize (awarded to a water-related Scientific Research Project)
      • United States Air Force Award (Outstanding Science & Engineering Project)