St. Patrick Celebrates Mass with Father Greg on September 6

On Thursday, September 6, St. Patrick Catholic High School celebrated Mass with Father Greg Barras from St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Biloxi. He gave a moving homily about the students’ wisdom, and how it grows throughout our years as teenagers.

Mary Catherine Kalil commented on the homily, saying, “I learned that your experiences help your wisdom grow. Father also talked about how it is the seniors’ responsibility to guide the seventh graders, and about how they look up to us with everything they do.”

Teal Salloum also commented, “His message really stuck with me, and it made me think about how my actions affect those younger than me.”

St. Patrick has held a schoolwide Mass or adoration service every Thursday since school began. This is a really beneficial and integral part of the student experience here at St. Patrick. To give the students more opportunities to feel involved, they are offered the chance to participate in the Mass in various ways. They can bring up the gifts, participate in the Liturgy of the Word, help with the prayers of the faithful, and read the responses to help out during Mass.

Photos from the Mass can be viewed here.

Story by Emma Bruffey