St. Patrick class of 2016 bonds during retreat

St. Patrick’s Class of 2016 traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana on December 2, 2015 for the school’s annual senior retreat.  The students left the school at 8:30am and returned to the school at 8:30pm.

The senior class road on two buses to the Riverwalk in New Orleans.  Then the students and teachers set sail on the Steamboat Natchez.  It was there that the students and teachers ate a lunch of Cajun favorites red beans and rice, jambalaya, and fried fish.  After finishing lunch, they were able to explore the steamboat and to take in the beautiful view of the Mississippi River.  When the excursion returned to the dock, the students and teachers were treated to see dueling living statue performing artists.

The students and teachers returned to the buses to go to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.  Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is the oldest church building in New Orleans as it was built in 1826 and the home to the national shrine of Saint Jude.  While there the students and teachers attended mass.  After the mass the students were able to buy candles from the small gift shop to place in the shrine of Saint Jude.

Then it was time for the students to cross the street to go to the community center in order for the personal part of the retreat to begin.  Bragg Moore lead this part of the retreat and he made everyone open up to each other, appreciate each other, and appreciate each one’s self.  Every student received a packet of letters from family and friends that were collect throughout the past couple of weeks.  The letters were for the student and were not read out loud.

After the letters were read privately the students ate dinner.  The dinner was comprised of pizza, soda, and any snacks that the students brought.  After dinner the students and teachers returned to the buses and headed back to the school.  The retreat was a time for the Class of 2016 to bond socially and spiritually.

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Story by Desirée Goodfellow