St. Patrick Cross Country and Track & Field championship teams recognized by City of Gulfport

The St. Patrick Cross Country and Track & Field teams were recognized on Tuesday, September 18,  for their achievements of winning state in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The teams have won three consecutive championships: the Varsity Girls Cross Country Team in 2016, the Varsity Boys Cross Country Team in 2017, and the Varsity Girls Track & Field Team in 2018. 

The members of the 2016 team that attended were: Quinlan Pisciotta, Beyla Bleichner, Amelie Million, Isabel Leatherman, Jordan Pete, and Gabby Patino.

The members of the 2017 team that attended were: Mason McCullough, Jameson Thriffiley, Dominic Patino, Cade Meyers, Marshall Eleuterius, Dylan Middleton, and Teal Salloum.

The members of the 2018 team that attended were: Quinlan Pisciotta, Jordan Pete, Olivia Williams, Leila Ransonet, Gabby Patino, Amelie Million, Isabel Leatherman, Olivia Leatherman, Makenzie Stenum, and Ella McLoughlin.

This is a very special honor that the City of Gulfport provides. Members of the team work very hard each year to get these state championships.  

It was truly an honor to be recognized by the mayor and the City Council. It was great to see that all our of hard work paid off and it encouraged us to continue working hard for the coming season,” says Amelie Million.

Photos of the recognition can be viewed here.

Story by Zachery Seymour