St. Patrick hosts 2017 Book Fair

The annual Scholastic Book Fair began this Monday, November 6th, and will run through Friday, November 10th, each day from 7:30-3:30. The fair is set up in the Library.

Our school librarian, Ms. Ladner, operates the cash register and checks out the student customers. “Scholastic Book Fairs provide easy access to current reading materials that are geared to our students,” said Ladner. St. Patrick has hosted book fairs for years, and each year, the school earns money based on how much the students buy.

The Scholastic website states that book fairs, “bring the joy and excitement of reading right to students. With the look and feel of a bustling bookstore, these weeklong events feature mobile cases full of affordable books based on characters and subjects kids love and want to read about. From newly released books and best sellers to award-winning titles and perennial favorites, every book is hand-selected by Scholastic experts and chosen from dozens of other publishers. Scholastic provides books, planning tools and display cases for the events.”

“Scholastic has been bringing books to schools for more than 30 years,” said Alan Boyka, president of Scholastic Book Fairs. “With every Book Fair, weʼre connecting kids to books they want to read. That’s so important, because the more kids read, the better readers they become, and the more successful theyʼll be in school, in work, and in life.”

Students have the opportunity to shop at the book fair online here. Ms. Ladner has put together a wish list of books that we need for the library’s collection, which can be found here. “The profits from the Book Fair will be used to purchase books,” she said. “If we meet our sales goal, another benefit will be our World Book online subscription.”

“Lifelong learning is the lifeblood of all libraries and reading is our source,” said Ladner. Be sure to support the future of our library by checking out the Book Fair this week!

Story by Richard Springer