St. Patrick hosts annual school reading fair

This Tuesday, October 18, 2016, St. Patrick held it’s annual reading fair. Mrs. Trahan’s, Mrs. Farragut’s, and Mrs. Sutherlin’s seventh and eighth grade English classes took part in this year’s reading fair.

Students were asked to choose a book that interested them, read it, and research different aspects of the book to be presented on a poster. On their poster, the students were asked to include information about the publisher and publication date of the book, the author’s purpose in writing the novel, a short plot summary and description of the setting, a list of the main characters, the tone of the novel, the main conflict of the book, and the resolution of that conflict.

There are several categories into which students could have entered their posters, depending on the number of people involved in their project and the genre of their book. Posters were classified as family, group, or individual projects, and depending on the books genre, posters were also classified as literary fiction, nonfiction, or informational, which is a new category in this year’s fair.

Once the students submitted their posters, they were judged based on several different factors including creativity, quality of work, effort, and creative use of materials. Another very important aspect of the judging process is whether or not the student’s poster provided audiences with a complete idea of what their chosen book was about.

Six posters were chosen as the winners of the reading fair, two from the seventh grade class and four from the eighth grade class. The winners from seventh grade were Erin Hanson, and the group of Cathryn and Emily Otero. The eighth grade class winners were Jordan Walker, Leila Ransonet, the group of Isabel and Olivia Letherman, and the group of Jasmine Stawarski and Quinton Holter.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all those who competed!  First place winners will advance to the Diocesan Reading Fair to be held in December and hosted by St. Patrick.

Story by Jeanne Torp