St. Patrick hosts Barnes and Noble book fair

This Thursday and Friday, the St. Patrick library is hosting a Barnes and Noble Book Fair on campus. There are books, snacks, coloring books, and various other items for all ages being sold for these two days. Ten percent of the profits go back to the school toward the St. Patrick library; you can also buy things online until April twentieth and in the Barnes and Noble store during the two book fair days in order to receive the ten percent for the library.

Walking into the library, there is a colorful array of books, bookmarks, coloring utensils and books, and journals set out on the multiple tables. This is the Barnes and Noble Book Fair, an event that is going on for the two days of April thirteen and fourteenth. This is an opportunity for students to expand their horizons by getting the chance to buy interesting books on multiple subjects.

The books and items sold range in many ways from books written by Kristina Webb the Instagram artist to summer reading books on the subject of atoms and the environment. For those who want to relax, there are also coloring books designed to chill the mind. These items also range in to targeted consumer ages.  There are books for all ages of students. The summer reading books for seventh and eighth graders are also being sold so students can get a head start on getting what they need for the upcoming school year. Snacks are also being sold that students can pick up for lunch or just for a snack during the day.

Different classes will be visiting the book fair to explore throughout the days on Thursday and Friday. Students can also buy books online using the book fair id number 11846482 to receive the ten percent profit for St. Patrick. Students can also visit the Barnes and Noble store and vocalize that they’re from St. Patrick to receive this special offer also. Come out to support the school and broaden your reading horizons by visiting the book fair!

Story by Skye Ward