St. Patrick hosts fall open house for prospective families

Prospective students of St. Patrick High School and their parents were invited to the annual Fall Open House on Sunday, November 8.  The students and parents were welcomed by several student council members and were offered refreshments.  After welcoming the visitors, the student council members offered to give tours of the school.  All of the teachers were present in their classrooms.  They were available for any questions the parents had.

The tours were given by student council members representing both the high school and junior high student councils.  The student council members took turns giving tours in pairs of two.  A high school member would normally pair with a junior high member to lead the tour so that the information about both junior high level and high school level academics and extracurricular activities.  When asked about what it meant to give a tour of her school, Shelby Martin said, “It was so fulfilling to get to lead prospective families around the place that has become my home over the past six years and share what makes it so special and dear to my heart.”  Shelby is a senior member of Student Council.

Before the tours, families were invited to put their name in a basket.  As the tours were progressing, random names were drawn out of the hat.  The winners were awarded various door prizes.

Because the visitors were going to be surveying the different classrooms, the student council members took the initiative to ensure the classrooms were pristine.  Each teacher was given the opportunity to have their room cleaned.  From Wednesday, November 4, through Friday, November 6, student council members swept and mopped each of the teacher’s rooms that needed to be cleaned.  The teachers were very grateful of all of the hard work of the student council.

Story by J.R. Riojas