St. Patrick hosts fun and successful diocesan track meet

On Thursday, April 21, St. Patrick Catholic High School held its annual diocesan track meet. This track meet invited competitors from multiple elementary schools for an afternoon of great track experience and fun! Some of the schools that attended include St. James, Our Lady of Fatima, Resurrection, St. Alphonsus, St. Vincent DePaul, Holy Trinity, and Nativity. Many students competed and won many prizes, bringing happiness to their elementary school and St. Patrick.

The event started at five in the afternoon at the track behind St. Patrick. All three parking lots on campus were packed to maximum capacity with students, parents, and coaches from many different areas and schools. There were t-shirts being sold, students cheering for their teams, St. Patrick students volunteering to help with the events, and eager spectators waiting for the games to begin.

The event started off with the presentation of an award to an outstanding elementary school student. The award represents perseverance in the face of obstacles and the importance of never giving up no matter what the circumstances. This award was given to a sixth grader from Nativity named Prescilla Foster. She was supposed to participate in the track meet, but was unable to because of an injury that led to her needing a boot and the unfortunate conclusion that she couldn’t participate in sports activities. Even in this unfortunate situation she thought it was important to come to the track meet to show her team the support she thought they deserved. The honor was awarded by the parents of a boy named Josh who also exhibited the traits of perseverance and good spirit in times of trouble.

After this presentation the events began. Some of the events that the students competed in included long jump where each student could jump three times, shot put, and racing events like the fifty-yard dash, two hundred twenty run, and the seventy-five yard dash. The events were separated by grades from first to sixth grades. The first, second, and third place winners were also awarded ribbons to show their success.

The event was a great way to bring all the schools together, make each other better through competition, and create a fun time for everyone involved. Be sure to come out next year to support these amazing schools and students!

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Story by Skye Ward