St. Patrick hosts Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium meeting

BILOXI, Miss.- St. Patrick High School is proud to host this month’s Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium (GCEIC) meeting with many of the local school district Superintendents.

Catholic Diocese of Biloxi Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Clark and St. Patrick High School Principal Dr. Matt Buckley spoke about the excellent work of the students; the dedication of the teachers and staff; and the support of clergy, parents and benefactors at St. Patrick and at all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Biloxi.

GCEIC was established in 1997 to offer services for Mississippi Gulf Coast school districts. There are currently 20 member school districts serving over 105,000 students and 5,000 educators. GCEIC believes enhancing the learning opportunities for students will improve student performance, which provides for a well-trained workforce, attracts new industry, retains existing industry, and benefits all sectors of the community.