St. Patrick offers free after school tutoring

Beginning the week of October 19, free after-school tutoring will be offered to any student of St. Patrick High School who is in need of assistance in any subject. National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, National French Honor Society, National Science Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta have joined together in an effort to provide students with this fantastic opportunity.  The members in these societies will be alternating in the tutoring to ensure that there will always be enough people to tutor each day from Monday through Thursday.  Tutoring will take place in the library and will be from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

In previous years, Mu Alpha Theta, has provided math tutoring for students.  Although this was an effective program in assisting students who did not understand math concepts, there was the realization that some kids who excel at math may need help in other subjects.  This sparked the notion to involve more honor societies to be able to cover more subjects.

The students who will be tutoring are thrilled about this chance to help.  When asked for thoughts on the new program Eiland Stebly replied, “I believe that this is a great opportunity for us to reach out to the students in need and help them to excel in their academic careers.”  Stebly is a member of the junior class and a member of multiple honor societies.

There is no sign up requirement for students to attend after-school tutoring – students simply need to show up to the library after school.  Students who are interested may use this as a time to complete homework, get extra help on assignments and concepts covered in class, or just have a quiet place to study.  As long as students attend, we will continue to offer this Monday through Thursday of each week.

For more information please contact Mrs. Tavel.

Story by: J.R. Riojas