St. Patrick PTO hosts second annual Grandparents Breakfast

On Wednesday, October 17, the St. Patrick PTO held its second  annual Grandparents Breakfast. The breakfast started at 7:45 a.m and ended at 8:30 a.m. The Grandparents Breakfast allows students to incorporate their family life with school life. The breakfast is complimentary to any grandparent or significant adult in their life. The breakfast was served in the cafeteria.  

Vicki Saucier, SPCHS Director of Development and Admissions, said, “At St. Patrick, we consider ourselves a family, and grandparents are a fundamental part of many families. On our quest to become intentional disciples, we benefit from the wisdom and unconditional love that grandparents share with us. Therefore, we are thrilled to show our appreciation for St. Patrick Grands with this breakfast celebration.”

Photos of the breakfast can be viewed here.

Story by Sarah Gatlin