St. Patrick seventh graders create inventions as part of annual invention fair

This week at St. Patrick, the seventh graders participated in an invention fair.  The seventh graders were assigned to participate in the invention fair by their science teacher, Ms. Moon.  The students were to create an imaginative invention and test it out like in a science fair project.  The students presented their projects on tri-fold posters and also had their inventions on display.  The students were to describe their process of their project, hypothesis, and outcome or results.  The students each presented their projects to a panel of judges.

Judges that came out to the school to judge the seventh grade invention fair were members of the Air Force, some St. Patrick parents, and others from the community.  Thank you Dr. Ladner, Annette O’Keefe, Linda Skinner, Kathy Springer, Lt. Froelich, Sean Lyon, Capt. Hamblin, Capt. Spusta, and Bobby Young for judging this year’s seventh grade invention fair.

Seventh grader, Grace Schloegel, presented her invention of “Nophie.”  Her invention was made up of a miniature notepad that stuck to the back on a phone for quick note taking.  Grace Schloegel said that her invention would be most helpful for people that are still learning how to take notes on their notes app on their phones.

Other inventions created by the seventh graders consisted of “Pocket Pouch” and “Cocoa Bags.”  The “Pocket Pouch” was an invention of zipper pockets sewed onto a hat.  “Cocoa Bags” were tea bags that consisted of chocolate instead of tea leaves.  There was also inventions of hair brushes that kept your brush clean and a cane that was designed to help you walk your dog.

Great job to all of the seventh graders and thank you to all the judges!

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Story by Lindsay Holmes