St. Patrick Students Advance to International Science & Engineering Fair

BILOXI, Miss.- St. Patrick Catholic High School is proud to announce that four of our students have advanced to the Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair for 2023 in Dallas, TX from May 13 – 19.  All four students have advanced from the local school selections, Regional Science & Engineering Fair, the Mississippi State Fair and now the International Level.  The Regeneron Science & Engineering Fair hosts over 1700 students from 80 countries allowing them to compete with their on-going research and data collection.  The awards for this event include more than $9 million in scholarships.  They will compete by explaining their data collection procedures, representation of their results and conclusions to judges from around the world.  This is an opportunity for students to network with students from around the world and share their experiences with students and educators from the community. 

We are hoping to help our students with the cost of the travel, lodging and fees for the event.  If you would like to help sponsor any portion of this event, please contact Mrs. Debbie Worrel at  

  • Shayleen Moeini, Madilyn Dickinson, (Team)  “A Study of Subliminals to Improve Academic Outcomes of Students with Learning Disabilities” (A two year study)

    Adler Brogdon:  Neuroendoscopic Bias:  A Comparison of EVD and IVF Secondary to SICH”


    Emerson Morris: “The Effects of S. marcescens Algicidal Production of Prodigiosin on M. aeruginosa” (A two year study). Morris also competed last year and won 4th Place.