St. Patrick students attend Notre Dame Vision Program

Eighteen students from St. Patrick Catholic High School were invited to attend the Notre Dame Vision Summer Conferences for High School Students this summer. The conferences take place at the University of Notre Dame. Students who have already attended or who will attend include:

  • Landon Stringer
  • Isabell Alexander
  • Sarah Alexander
  • Mallory Edwards
  • Gavriella Persing
  • Camille Pitre
  • Claire Wingfield
  • Teal Salloum
  • Vincent Pisciotta
  • Cara Pisciotta
  • Anna Broadus
  • Alaina Olsen
  • Olivia Grammar
  • Annie Torp
  • Jude Letonoff
  • Nicholas McNew
  • Clayton Stoddard II
  • Emma Bruffey

Notre Dame Vision is a series of 5-day conferences that includes dynamic large group experiences, reflective small group time, profound liturgies, and excellent music. Speakers from all across the country will break open important themes throughout the week and help participants to relate them to their own lives. Sixty-five Notre Dame undergraduates will serve as Mentors, whether as musicians or small group facilitators.

The Notre Dame Vision program never fails to bring together a great community of Catholics from around the country while also engaging us in thoughtful conversation about the role of God in our own lives as well as the lives of those around us. I hope to share what I learned about our role as servants with my St. Patrick community. The most interesting aspect of Notre Dame Vision is getting to experience and utilize beautiful locations around campus like The Grotto, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and Moreau Seminary to reflect and pray. – SPCHS Senior Isabell Alexander

A huge part of what makes your experience at Notre Dame Vision is your small group and your mentor(s). Last year, I had two mentors, but being part of Vision Plus (the program name for those who have been to Vision before), and this year I only had one. Four members of my group were from Indiana, one was from Tennessee, one was from Idaho, and the last was from Pennsylvania. What makes the small group time so cool is hearing about what life is like for everyone in the group and hearing about their faith journeys. Overall, my small group lived up to and probably exceeded last year, which was really amazing! I would strongly advise that everyone go at least once before college.  They even allow you to go if you have just graduated high school, which is what Anna Broadus and Cara Piscottia did this summer. Not only will you grow closer with people from other states, but you will also meet people in our diocese and become close with them, which makes your time on the bus and at stops along the way very fun and worthwhile. If you are worried about being able to pay for Vision, there is a generous scholarship, which most people who have applied for have been awarded. It’s only a week of your summer, but it is one amazing week! – SPCHS Junior Alaina Olsen

I most enjoyed mass and adoration. The priests were so enthusiastic about celebrating mass that it got me enthusiastic as well. I plan to bring back one of the talks that was given about being patient, loving the wounded and loving those who annoy you. The most interesting part was seeing and getting to know the different perspectives of faith of other people who attended Vision. – SPCHS Senior Mallory Edwards