St. Patrick students attend snowy trip to Washington, D.C., for March for Life

More than thirty St. Patrick students and chaperones boarded a bus on Wednesday evening to start their twenty-hour journey to Washington, D.C., to attend the annual March for Life on January 22.

The March for Life draws hundreds of thousands of dedicated pro-life advocates to Washington, D.C., each year in January, to march down the National Mall, around the Capitol and to the steps of the Supreme Court to stand up for right to life for the unborn.

On Thursday, January 21, to prepare for the actual march, students attended the “Life is Very Good” evening of prayer rally, held this year at the Eagle Bank Arena on the campus of George Mason University.  The rally is a time for reflection and prayer for the march and for the protection of the unborn.  The rally features famous Christian speakers such as Mark Hart, Jackie Francois Angel, and the Josh Blakesley Band.

Although students were not able to attend all of the scheduled events due to the inclement weather in the Washington, D.C. area, they were able to participate in several spiritual events and rallies while bonding with their classmates.  Most importantly, we are thankful for their safe return home.  We are very proud of these students for standing up their their faith!

When asked what he liked most about the March for Life trip, Austin Slater replied “I really enjoy the trip because it allows every participant to grow not only closer to God, but closer to each other and to be able to experience such an amazing protest with so many people who have the same view on how precious life is as we do.”

Jessi Hebert stated “It was an exciting trip to spend with friends on my last March for Life with St. Patrick.  I enjoyed singing at the rally and adoration with hundreds of people supporting the same cause.”

The March for Life is a great experience for our students and we lift up prayers for the students attending this years’ march.

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Story by Hannah Janus