St. Patrick students attend state science fair

Students of St. Patrick Catholic High School competed in the Region VI Science and Engineering Fair on March 1, 2016 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.  Students in seventh and eighth grades under the instruction of Ms. Teresa Moon and Mrs. Devyn Quinn are classified as Class III and were the following:

Class 3

  • 2nd Place Biochemistry: Isabel Leatherman
  • 3rd Place Earth, Space & Environmental: Taylor Sharp
  • 1st Place Engineering: Matthew Ladner
  • 5th Place Engineering: Amy Snyder
  • 6th Place Engineering: Anthony Bui
  • 5th Place Medicine & Health: Alyssa Anderson
  • 2nd Place Zoology: Connor Sutton
  • 6th Place Zoology: Cade Meyers

Students in ninth and tenth grade were placed in Class IV while eleventh and twelfth graders were placed in Class V.  Students who competed at this level were under the instruction of Mrs. Debbie Worrel and included:

Class 4 ( 9 – 10th Grade)

  • 5th Place Botany: Emilia Rosales

Class 5 ( 11 – 12th Grades)

  • 3rd Place Behavioral & Social: Lindsay Holmes
  • 1st Place  Biochemistry: Grace Parker
  • 2nd Place Environmental: Kathleen McMackin
  • 3rd  Place Environmental: Skylar Trosclair
  • 1st Place Medicine & Health: Jonathan Ford
  • 2nd Place Medicine & Health: Rachel Steinwinder
  • 3rd  Place Medicine & Health: Lauren Puzz
  • 3rd Place Physics: Spencer Sliman
  • 4th Place Physics: Sean Bailey Wright

Teams Class 6

  • 1st Place Behavioral & Social: Gray Carpenter & Shane Dusang
  • 3rd Place Behavioral & Social: Sydney Broussard, Victoria Leckich, Rachel Ryan
  • 4th Place Environmental: Emma Rae Castanedo & Ramsey Wagner
  • 5th Place Medicine & Health: Peter Holland, Brennan Gioe, Russell Moral

Special Awards are judged during the category project judging.  Judges from their areas of expertise select students who best demonstrate excellence in their field.

  • Skylar Trosclair received the Department of Marine Resources Excellence in Marine Science Award
  • Spencer Sliman received the AMS Material Sciences Excellence Award
  • Skylar Trosclair was awarded the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award for Technological Innovation
  • Kathleen McMackin was awarded the American Meteorological Society Award for Ability and Creativity in Atmospheric Science

Thirteen students advanced to the State level of competition.  State Science Fair was held April 5 in Oxford at the University of Mississippi.

Congratulations to Connor Sutton who was awarded second place in his category at the state level.