St. Patrick students selected for Biloxi Chamber of Commerce 2018 Junior Biloxi Leadership Class

Congratulations to Camille Pitre, Anna Tran, Gavriella Persing, Diego Riojas, and Matthew Ladner for being selected for the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce 2018 Junior Leadership Biloxi Class! These students will participate in a graduation ceremony January 30. 

The purpose of the Junior Leadership Biloxi program is to produce students of outstanding character who are more sensitive to the needs of the community and are better able to contribute to society. Ninth grade students, who reside or go to school in the City of Biloxi, participate in the Junior Leadership Biloxi Program. The group selected, attends afterschool sessions on Manners & Etiquette, Military Awareness, Business in Biloxi, Cultural Diversity, Preparing for Success and Medical & City Government. Participants were chosen, based upon the information completed in the application, by an anonymous selection committee. They participate in a variety of community activities and reflect the diversity of the student body. At the end of the program students that have attended every session will graduate and are presented with a diploma.

Biloxi Chamber of Commerce’s Junior Leadership program is an excellent way for members of the business community to guide the youth of the City of Biloxi. Junior Leadership Biloxi offers insight into variety of areas of Biloxi and provides an opportunity to educate students on the importance and impact of leadership and involvement.